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Jade • Fortune

Jade • Fortune

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Floral Green Barrel Pendant (18k Gold Plated 18" Necklace INCLUDED) Certified 100% Natural Grade A Jadeite Guarantee!!

Beautiful floral green untreated jadeite barrel pendant brand new perfect condition ~ LUCK - LOVE - PROTECTION ~

Jadeite, also known as the 'Stone of Heaven'. It is made up of interlocking micro-crystals formed under extremely high pressure and cool temperature over a long period of time. In China, Jade has been highly cherished for thousands of years. It is considered the most precious of stones, occupying the same position as diamonds are held in the West. People wore jade to attract love, luck, ward off evil and injury. In Central America, the Mayas, Aztecs and Olmecs valued jade above gold. It is believed there is a powerful mystical force within this gemstone.

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