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Black Tourmaline Stand

Black Tourmaline Stand

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This Beautiful Black Tourmaline on stand is a powerful protection crystal and is an excellent crystal for meditation, healing work, and Reiki. Your beautiful Tourmaline Crystal comes with a base stand so it stands upright easily to display it's rich, dark, black color.

- Protection from negative energy and psychic attacks.
- Protection during ritual work.
- Purification and cleansing during ritual work.
- Spiritual grounding.

Root Chakra:
- Although the root chakra's color is red, Tourmaline is an excellent crystal for the root chakra because of it's abilities.
- Use Black Tourmaline if you need spiritual grounding or for cleansing and chakra balancing.

Your Purchase Includes:
- Black Tourmaline(s) on Black Metal Stand
- 1 Detailed healing guide and crystal guide including a description of the crystal and detailed instructions for cleansing and charging your crystals.

- Keep the Black Tourmaline close to you during meditation to unlock it's properties.
- Keep your Black Tourmaline in the corner of a room to receive the effect of the crystal abilities all day long.
- Use it for reiki, healing, meditation, chakra balancing, or ritual.

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