Are you healing, ignoring or holding on to your emotions?

Are you healing, ignoring or holding on to your emotions?

      Whether we want to accept it or not, we are ruled by our emotions. Emotions have a strong hold on who we are and how we interact as individuals. Some of us believe that because we never acknowledge them, we are masters of dealing with them. Others tend to attach themselves to the pain, which prevents them from experiencing new experiences. The downfall of both situations is that your body will pay the ultimate price.

The importance of healing and processing our emotions in a healthy way is much more important than we realize. The term "disease" informs you in the name that it is the result of dis-ease, mind not at ease. We were not taught how to properly feel our emotions. But the longer we ignore this fact, the heavier the price that the body pays.

As stated in Understanding the Psychoemotional Roots of Immune DiseaseIn recent years, research has suggested that emotions like stress and worry, when they persist long-term, may contribute to imbalance in the body and increase risk for diseases ranging from depression to asthma, cancer, and heart disease.

Take a moment to reflect on a time you felt fear or an uncomfortable emotion. Think of a time you almost got into an accident or even felt a broken heart. How did the body feel? The body keeps score and needs a way to release this energy. Let's say you have a friend who highly dislikes his boss and his work environment. One week he has back-to-back "bad" days at work, and suddenly he explodes. Another possibility and worst-case scenario is that he takes it out on his family, who have nothing to do with the situation. We tend to demonstrate our worst behaviors to the people who love us the most. Do you blame him? No. But is it okay? No.

To truly live a better life. You must be self-aware and mindful of your actions. Every action has a consequence. If you are unaware of how to handle a situation, it is okay to seek help. Speak to a therapist that you connect with and fully trust. If you cannot afford therapy, do what I did and educate yourself through knowledge. Replace the ignorant (invalid) thoughts with proper knowledge. Then apply that knowledge to your life. Many thoughts are created and are not necessarily true, valid information. By holding on to negative thoughts, you are fueling them. We must accept that our parents or guardians were doing the best they could. Many times, they were dealing with trauma themselves. Some of the beliefs we've inherent were fears passed on. It is time to deal with the generational family trauma and raise your vibrations for generations to come. As you take time to process your emotions, it is very important to:

1. Raise your environment. This means people, spaces, and habits that let you express your true self. It is perfectly fine to admit your wrongs and imperfections to others. It is okay to share your insecurities with others. That is how we heal. Understand that there is a differences between being vulnerable and gaining knowledge to deal with a situation. There is also "acting" vulnerable as an act of attention-seeking. Connecting with people is an exchange of energy. Attention-seeking is releasing energy without any real absorption from the other party other the amplify ego. Some of my best teachers were everyday people. Two people I am truly thankful I came across at a young age were my last two employers. I learned so much from each of them by just working as their assistant. I didn't see it at the time, but it was a blessing in disguise.

2. Limit or, if not completely, cut all your temptations. Temptations can be anything that distracts you from yourself. Actions, events, and habits that no longer serve you but you entertain because you are afraid of change. Even people can be a distraction. It's not to judge, but to understand the importance of solitude. Change is good.

3. Meditate daily. Mediation will teach you to silence the mind. The mind is loud. It talks all day, constantly telling you what to do. It not only controls you but doesn't want to let go of control. Don't believe me? Go a day without your favorite daily activity, an activity you've never been without. Try skipping a meal or two. Listen to what your mind is trying to tell you. It will convince you that what you are doing is useless and make you give in. Who really controls who? Meditation will help you gain control. Mediation will help you be true to your authentic self.

Healing takes time, and therefore you must be patient with yourself. When you hit your knee, you are aware through pain that you must take it easy and allow time to heal. You are educated enough to know that if you ignore the pain, you'll pay the price in the long run. Emotions are no different.

I wish you all the highest level of love and prayers in all your hearts.

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